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Dust Problems with Lime Kiln ID Fans

Lime kilns play a vital role in pulp and paper mills as they convert calcium carbonate (a byproduct of the pulping process) to calcium oxide (lime). The lime returns back to the pulping process completing the loop utilized by mills employing the Kraft-pulping process. To facilitate this reaction, the calcium carbonate must be heated to […]

The Static Pressure Cheat

Calculating Fan Performance While it is not necessarily a poorly known fact, the “static pressure cheat” (SPC) is something that we should all remind ourselves of whenever considering the specifications of a fan’s performance.  The essential point to remember is that total pressure (Pt) is the measure to use in evaluating performance, not only static […]

Fan Efficiency Explained

As costs continue to increase for operations, maintenance, and equipment replacement, the importance of efficiency in industrial processes cannot be overstated. The cost per unit of production continues to be the measure of decision makers to assess their best capital investment opportunities in maximizing returns. In this blog, we’ll also explore why fans may not […]